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kinetica art fair 2012

The Kinetica Art Fair 2012 took place in London a few weeks ago.  There was a fascinating collection of kinetic art.  The most intriguing pieces on show were handmade, intricate machines that either mimicked biological movements or seemed to react to their environment in an intuitive way.  Although computers can simulate incredibly complex actions and systems, the steampunk aesthetic of exposed gears, motors and pistons create a more visceral experience as you try to work out how the parts work together.  The video shows some of my favourites such as Tim Lewis’ robots, Mark Zirpel’s orreries, and My Robot Companion which projects your own face onto it’s face ( creating a robot twin brother or a real life Zelig . . . ).  Check the website for a list of the exhibitors.
Kinetica Art Fair 2012


  1. The orreries are by Mark Zirpel I am his dealer in New York.

  2. rui nunes

    My apologies, I mistakenly used the title on the exhibitor’s list.

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