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Parasol, Seville – La Encarnación – Architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann
The Parasol is an enormous sunshade and viewing platform covering a square in Seville.  It is said to be the largest freestanding wood structure in the world.  It is an incredibly striking object and the views of the city from the paths that loop over top of the roof are stunning.  The interlocking wood beams and the resulting flowing structure catch and change with the light throughout the day.  The wood and steel detailing are as minimal as one can image with a structure as large as this – even the sprinklers are minimized ( Canadian codes would probably have required at least double the protection).  The only unfortunate aspect is that the plaza on one side of the road had to be raised in order to allow for retail at grade and the preservation of Roman ruins found below disconnecting it from the street life.  However, the space is well used and  I imagine it is a popular destination when the temperature reaches 40 degrees in the summer.

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