roca gallery

Roca showroom by Zaha Hadid – Roca is a high end plumbing fixture company that cleverly decided to create a space that would act as a destination for architects and designers – which are their primary clientele.  The skin of the curved volumes are composed of contrasting grey and white  concrete panels that alter the character of the rooms and are used to define scalloped display niches for the products.  Considering the sculptural forms and the snug fit of the cast panels ( that all seem to be unique in shape) the project is extremely well built and detailed.  The white elongated donut shaped light fixtures that lead through the main circulation areas lend the space a surrealistic touch, but given the products on display in the space I couldn’t help but think of them as distorted toilet seats.  Would Zaha indulge in that kind of humour?  The end result is a visually and experientially flowing series of spaces that awkwardly accommodate the cubic forms of the fixtures they intend to display.
Side Note: During my visit there was an exhibition of models from the 7 winners of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – the Mies van der Rohe Award 2011.   Unfortunately the models were at too small a scale to be informative and there were no drawings displayed ( where would you hang them?).   I will have to check out the winners online to get a better perspective.

Location: Station Court, Imperial Wharf / London SW6 2PY

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