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10 hills place

IMG_5310 © 2011 rui nunes. All rights reserved.

Architect: Amanda Levete This is an office building tucked into a very narrow alley off of Oxford Street.  Subtle despite the sheen and enhances its meagre context.

st. mary’s axe

IMG_9632 © 2011 rui nunes. All rights reserved.

The Gherkin – it dominates the skyline more with it’s iconic shape than its height. It is more stout and less elegant than I imagined. I always wondered how it met the ground – now I know.


IMG_4692 © 2011 rui nunes. All rights reserved.

Lloyds of London – the Rogers classic.  It still holds up despite some tarnish on the stainless steel.  The intricacy and fit of all the components still amazes considering how difficult it is to get a mechanical engineer to get … Continue reading


IMG_4591 © 2011 rui nunes. All rights reserved.

This OMA designed headquarters for Rothschild bank in London is very understated relative to their typical work.  My understanding is that the subtle shifts in massing respond to an existing adjacent church at grade and views at higher levels.  The … Continue reading


Hirst © 2011 rui nunes. All rights reserved.

I came upon this otherwise non-descript furniture store near New Cross and Goldsmiths College proudly advertising a famous client, artist Damien Hirst known for suspending mummified sharks in tanks and encrusting skulls with diamonds.  The store itself sells old, marginally … Continue reading